Monday Morning Mashup

By Thomas Konings

Every Monday morning I will send you an email with things I discovered during the week that I found helpful. Ranging from interesting theories to practical Excel tips and insightful articles I read, this newsletter will make your Monday a little bit better for sure!

Every Monday morning I will send you an email with things I discovered during the week that I found helpful. Ranging from interesting theories to practical Excel tips and insightful articles I read, this newsletter will make your Monday a little bit better for sure!

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Crypto Credit Crisis - MMM #25

I've always found crypto to be a bubble and these past few weeks have not changed my view (😉). With exchanges freezing withdrawals following the Terra "stable" coin collapse the management of crypto corporates has been compared with Ponzi all too many times.C…


Greener Plants - MMM #24

CRISPR is an amazing breakthrough technology that has allowed us to modify genetics. Now one of the technology's co-inventors (Jennifer Doudna) wants to use the technology to create crops that absorb more CO2. It comes as part of a wider investigation into te…


Fuel(ing) Innovation - MMM #23

Aviation has the image of being very carbon intensive ("dirty"), although it only accounts for 3% of carbon emissions. The industry relies on the development of alternative fuels to fuel its sustainability goals (such as the one created by Shell).MIT technolo…


Upgrade your Excel Skills - MMM #22

I'm very passionate about productivity & efficiency. That translates to the world of Excel too. I've recently been interested in getting into the FAST modelling standard and in my Reddit research I came across the perfect tool: a macro pack created by Gri…


Data, Consulting, and Semiconductors - MMM #21

I'll admit I'm not a big football fan (soccer for the Americans), but I am excited about these cool visualizations of the premier league by John Burn-Murdoch at the Financial Times. In this Twitter thread he goes over some of his visualizations, showing how E…


Wind-Hydrogen Combo - MMM #20

The EU has an energy problem, that's nothing new. With geopolitical issues surrounding Russian gas the initial German plans to phase out coal for gas seem very uncertain. Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark have found an alternative: artificial isl…


Spreadsheet Deep Dive - MMM #19

I came across this really cool macro pack or productivity add-in for Excel that's provided by Gridlines as part of their free course: Essential Financial Modelling. It's no secret that I'm a big Excel fan and I really like my shortcuts (to the point that I mo…


That 70s Inflation Show - MMM #18

Excellent coverage by Prof. Damodaran of the possible scenarios that can unfold over the next year(s) regarding inflation and economic growth. Worth a watch if you're interested in macroeconomic development, everyday impact of inflation, and if the market is …


Limits to Netflix - MMM #17

Netflix broke the internet last week by losing subscribers (!) prompting the company to announce a new "basic" subscription that has ads (it's really starting to look like cable). The streaming firm also announced a decrease in marketing staff and more reform…


Starlink Skybound - MMM #16

Starlink has been a blessing for people living in rural areas of the globe. Because the network's satellites orbit much closer to earth the latency ("ping") is comparable to fiber (and will be better than fiber at some point). It has helped bring remote medic…


Watch your Cheese - MMM #15

The price of cheese has been on the rise. And it shows. Earlier this month there was a "cheese heist" in the Netherlands. At the current prices of cheese the 1,600 kilos of cheese stolen are worth $23,000. Detailed coverage by the Financial Times and the heis…


Lockdowns are sooo 2021 - MMM #14

In the West, and particularly here in the UK, it feels like the pandemic is over. China, however, is still holding onto its "zero-covid" policy. Because of the increasing infectiousness of newer variants that becomes increasingly difficult. The response: more…


Ethical Weapons are Ethical - MMM #13

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), is the catch-all term for efforts by finance and business to have a "positive" impact on society. The war in Ukraine makes the flaws in ESG reasoning, particularly in investing, very clear.Some analysts are now arg…


Open Communication - MMM #12

I recall a time before big tech closed off their platforms. On my LG Arena, I could access MSN, Facebook, and Google Talk (or Chat, or Hangouts, maybe they could finally decide on a name) at the same time. Not long after, Facebook shut down the protocol that …


A true mashup - MMM #11

I've long been skeptical about cryptocurrency and anything closely related to it. Don't get me wrong, the tech is definitely cool and has its uses, but the idea that a decentralized system could store value, without any government interference is wishful thin…


No, I'm in the control group - MMM #10 (🎉)

I came across the xkcd comic somewhere on the internet and think this is the most sophisticated all-purpose excuse imaginable 😉.


War on Ads - MMM #9

A few weeks ago, I talked about the impact of Apple's privacy updates on Facebook's business model. Now, Google has announced it will do something similar on Android.I wonder what will happen. Unlike Apple, Google actually sells ads. If it blocks third partie…


Volatile Vladimir - MMM #8

Sanctions are a great way to pressure a rogue nation into complying with international law and order but they come at a cost. After years of pan-European and global supply chain integration, we've become reliant on each other for crucial commodities. Russia s…


Inflated Inflation - MMM #7

Inflation might be coming for your pint next. Heineken is forecasting a significant increase in beer production prices, which will definitely result in price hikes for consumers too.Oh and we're definitely talking about inflation a lot. This week Panjiva (a s…


To infinity and beyond? - MMM #6

This one came a bit as a surprise to me. Apparently, the world may soon be facing shortages of one of the most basic commodities: paper. If you thought toilet paper shortages were disastrous in the early months of the pandemic, those scenes may now be headed …