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Another True Mashup - MMM #27

Thomas Konings
Thomas Konings
Hi there,
This week I’ll be spending in Glasgow on the LSE’s MiM programme International Business Trip. We’ll be visiting a large variety of companies that range from consultancy firms to whisky distilleries. Because of the trip the newsletter will be a bit different this week, mainly focusing on the cool things I found on the internet this week.
📃 In this Monday Morning Mashup:
  • 🔍Modelling & Valuation: Financial Modelling Explained
  • 👔 Business: Data visualization for teams
  • 🌐Web: from A to B
  • 🌍Geopolitics: Livestreamers in China
  • 🎁Extra: play Monopoly online
Have a great week!

🔍Modelling & Valuation: Financial Modelling Explained
I’ve recently discovered this overview of Finance Modeling by Mergers and Inquisitions. It’s a great starter for those interested in the subject and comes highly recommended as a revision tool.
Financial Modeling Explained with Examples (2021 Update)
👔 Business: Data visualization for teams
I’ve got a new subscription to a newsletter myself: the modeller’s miscellany. I discovered it through the Gridlines course I mentioned in earlier newsletters. It features some really cool resources every now and then, and this one caught my eye. GRID is a tool that lets you share a spreadsheet with users, while allowing them to change certain assumptions and observe the outcomes. Certainly an interesting tool with a lot of potential.
GRID — The friendly data tool for modern teams
🌐Web: from A to B
If you’ve ever wanted to go from one city to another you’ll know that the mode of transport isn’t always obvious. This website, Rome2Rio, makes it completely transparent in a really sleek and intuitive way. Want to go from London to Amsterdam? Done. Rotterdam to Lima? Done. The prices aren’t always up to date or accurate, but the modes of transports (and their combinations) are a great help in the first step of booking tickets.
Discover how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry & car
🌍Geopolitics: Livestreamers in China
China has been clamping down on livestreamers recently. This great overview of the MIT technology review gives great insight into the situation and the motivation of the government to control this new market.
China wants to control how its famous livestreamers act and dress | MIT Technology Review
🎁Extra: play Monopoly online
Sometimes you just want to play a good old game of monopoly. For those of you that don’t carry around a full monopoly set all day, this online alternative may be interesting. I’ve been playing it recently and it is a lot of fun!
Have a great week!
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Thomas Konings
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