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Free Full Stack Modeller this Week - MMM #30

Thomas Konings
Thomas Konings
Hi there,
I’ll be catching the Eurostar back to the Netherlands on Wednesday. It marks the end of an exciting year in London. Although leaving a place is always an odd feeling, I know that I’ll be very happy to enjoy the amenities of the Netherlands again (yay for cycling paths, green spaces, and way less chaos).
I’m also very excited to start my first (actual) job, but more updates on that soon.
❓Today also marks the 30th issue of Monday Morning Mashup, I’m interested to hear your thoughts so please check out the survey.
📃 in this week’s Monday Morning Mashup:
  • ⭐Highlight: Access Full Stack Modeller for free this week
  • 🔍Modelling & Valuation: Zomato Valuation
  • 🌍Geopolitics: TIL: The Hague Invasion Act
  • 😁Fun: xkcd Deepfakes
Have a great week!

⭐Highlight: Access Full Stack Modeller for free this week
This week I’ll be taking a look at the Open Week of Full Stack Modeller. They provide master classes in modelling. This week access is free so I highly recommend taking a look at it!
They also have a free skills assessment.
🔍Modelling & Valuation: Zomato Valuation
Prof. Damodaran, the dean of valuation, released his revaluation of Zomato (the Indian delivery firm). If you’re interested in learning more about the market and the macroeconomic movements impacting it, this is definitely an article that’s worth checking out. Not only does he cover the usual valuation inputs, he also relates them to the overall strategy of the company and is critical about the recent approach to growth through larger acquisitions.
🌍Geopolitics: TIL: The Hague Invasion Act
Today I Learned (TIL): the US has an active invasion act that allows the country to do whatever it takes (including invading the Netherlands) to secure any US service-members that are brought before the International Court of Justice (in the Hague).
😁Fun: xkcd Deepfakes
Here’s a web comic that made me think this week. Deepfakes for video are a big deal right now, but this puts it in historical perspective.
Have a great week!
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Thomas Konings
Thomas Konings @tkon99

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