The future of data centers & a little break - MMM #34



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Thomas Konings
Thomas Konings
Hi there,
I’ll be taking a little break from the Monday Morning Mashup (at least the weekly updates) until October. If anything interesting comes up in the meantime I’ll share it with you but this’ll be outside of the usual Monday morning timeframe.
📃 Here are some interesting articles that I had saved for you already:
  • ⭐Highlight: The future of data centers
  • 💽Data: Visualizing CO2 emissions
  • 🚀Space: SLS is launching today (probably)
  • ⏭️Next: what’s next for MMM
Talk to you soon! (and have a great week)

⭐Highlight: The future of data centers
The “cloud” might be changing ownership soon. For decades the real estate housing big tech’s server farms was owned by real estate investment companies. Now that seems to be changing, with big tech, led by Amazon and Microsoft, increasingly owning the real estate themselves.
The development has led famous short investor Jim Chanos to short data center REITs (basically real estate investment funds focused on renting out real estate to big tech).
Short seller Jim Chanos bets against data center REITs - DCD
💽Data: Visualizing CO2 emissions
I recently came across this interesting submission on r/dataisbeautiful. I liked it because it visualizes three datapoints in an intuitive way. For those of you interested in data visualization take a longer look at this to see if you can apply this in your own work.
[OC] Average CO2 emissions for a person in the top 15 countries by GDP (adjusted for emissions embedded in imports and exports) : dataisbeautiful
🚀Space: SLS is launching today (probably)
NASA is going to the moon again, with the first test flight of the Space Launch System “Artemis 1”. The launch is scheduled for today, but there seem to be some storms in the area that may push the launch date forward. Either way, if you’re into this sort of stuff it’s definitely worth tuning in to the launch livestream (details in the article below).
NASA begins fueling SLS rocket for Artemis 1 moon launch | Space
⏭️Next: what's next for MMM
I really enjoy writing these newsletters every week but I’ve had a few weeks where I had to scramble to find interesting articles to share with you. I’ll be taking a little break now until October, when I start working my first proper job (more on that soon). Until then I’ll share anything interesting I encounter whenever I have enough material to write a newsletter.
Thank you all for the continued support and write to you again soon!
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Thomas Konings
Thomas Konings @tkon99

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